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ITSS SA(Information Technology Service Standards Sub-Association)is one sub-association of China Electronics Standardization Technology Association , and it was authorized by Ministry of Civil Affairs of the P.R.C in Jun. 2013.

ITSS SA is the truly independent IT service industry association in China, and it is a prominent player in the on-going development and promotion of IT service standards, best practice and qualifications.

ITSS SA is open for all organization and individual and it has 200+ members. Generally, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the P.R.C supports its activities.

The Execute Committee

Working Philosophy:

a. Primarily serves technology and industry development, market demand, to improve the standardization and internationalization of IT Service in China. b. Establishes an open platform for the IT service standards developing, application and popularization. c. Provide service for all members, such as industry information, training and consultant. d. Steadily develop the ITSS Conformity assessment and strictly control the quality.

Technical Architecture:

According to China IT service industry status and development trend, the technical architecture of ITSS covers all IT-Oriented services and IT-Enabled services, and it also includes the service management and governance, service security and outsourcing etc.

Terms of Reference:

1. Standards Development

· Propagandize the guideline and policy, rules and regulations of China standardization.
· Develop the IT service standards of China.
· Serve as the secretariat of the ITSS working group of MIIT (Ministry of industry and information technology).

2. Standards Application and Popularization

· Develop the ITSS application methodologies and popularization plan.
· Promote the enterprises and IT departments of customers to effectively use ITSS.
· Provide ITSS conformity assessment and training services for the IT service providers and their customers.

3. Related policy research

IT service industry development status and trend of China, and publish related research report regularly.
Focus on the hot issues of IT service, support the government to analyze the policy requirements and propose suggestions.
Propose suggestions on IT service Procurement policy and standards needs to the government and industry users.

4.Industry Public Service

Construct ITSS application knowledge base, expert database and the best practice database.
Establish technology platform, and provide the testing and evaluation service for the IT service software, resolution and service products.
Provide consulting service for the governments, enterprises and industries.

5. General technology research and development

Combining with the development trend of IT service industry,organize the general technology R&D, application and popularization

6.International and domestic cooperation

Establish contract with International Standardization Organization, International and Domestic relevant industry associations and scientific research institutions, and carry out related communication and cooperation

Working group

Standards Development Working Group

· WG1: Basic standards
· WG2: IT Consultation and design
· WG3: System Integration standards Professional group
· WG4: IT maintenance
· WG5: IT Service management and IT governance
· WG6: IT Service outsourcing
· WG7: Cloud service

Application and popularization Working Group

· WG1: Maintenance service capability maturity
· WG2: IT service methodology
· WG3: IT service technology and software
· WG4: Data Center Operation Management

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